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Open fire! Lianling Intelligence will help Eptison to prepare for [Double Eleven"


Eptison, it is familiar with the people who are shopping online often. Especially these two years, Eptison has strong trend, which has been called new hope in Chinese clothing industry with other Internet clothing brand of AMH and INMAN.

On October 25th, a group of Chinese《Modern Logistics》has been invited by Changshu Bealead Automatic Machinery Co,, Ltd to logistics warehouse of Eptison in Hangzhou. The logistics manager Tujiangfu has graciously received and guided this group to look into logistics situation of Eptison.

Compared to traditional clothing brand construction, Eptison has taken operating strategy of net goods brand. Net goods brand has taken network as sales center, and has created a brand by network. Net goods brand takes the consumer as the center, the interaction between merchant and consumer has changed from indirect to direct. From design manufacturer to marketing, and then to user experience, net goods brand has the way different from traditional brand building.

That is to say, Eptison Group only has online sales, but not has traditional offline physical sales. It has a higher requirement to its logistics, especially to the coming challenge of[Double Eleven"! Manager Tu said frankly to the journalist, in order to prepare [Double Eleven" better, Eptison has chosen to cooperate with Bealead by its own situation, they have also purchased Lianling intelligence automatic delivery packaging machine 505S. this automatic delivery packaging machine is a integral solution way of inspection, printing, labeling and sealing. It is suitable for the clothing enterprise packed by express bags for T-shirt, shirt, dress and jeans, it is kindly called [packaging robot".

During the application of logistics center operation, packaging robot 505S can realize intelligent scan, seamless connection of mainstream ERP/WMS order, and can avoid wrong and omissive sending. It can print express information timely and label automatically. Its automatic sealing technique makes the package seal neatly and perfectly improved the package quality. It has also adopted PE sack packing, to prevent the damage and stealing of the folded items. There`s no use of packaging tape, which can save resources and protect environment. 420~500 items can be packaged every one hour, which has greatly improved packing delivery efficiency.

Manager Tu introduces to the journalist that after testing, the efficiency can be improved by using packaging robot 505S, which can response better and easier to the challenge of [Double Eleven". Eptison is always put the consumer first every year during [Double Eleven". The constant improvement is not only by learning the consumer`s demand, pointing directly at the key points by consumer`s demand, but also focus on every link, including logistic link. Only the consumer`s satisfaction can be the success of Eptison. The [Double Eleven" in this year, Eptison will bring more benefits and fashion experience to consumers.

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